Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms

Wholesome Organic Brown Rice, InGRAINED in Tradition.

Our newest farm partners certainly aren’t “new” to farming! In 1937, Albert & Frances Lundberg moved from Nebraska to Richvale, California and began their farm with one big intention: to leave the land better than they found it. Their four sons, Eldon, Wendell, Harlan and Homer, grew up learning the importance of sustaining and respecting the earth. In the 1960’s, these four brothers took over the family farm. Today, it’s managed by third and fourth generation Lundbergs -talk about a legacy!

At MegaFood we are thrilled to be partners with such a great family-owned farm. We hope you will enjoy getting to know Lundberg Family Farms just as much as we have. Their multi-generational “Do it right” philosophy is exactly why we are so excited to include their healthful, quality brown rice in our whole food supplements. This year alone, the Lundbergs will harvest 80,000 lbs of rice for us!

Video-CTAThe Lundberg Family uses eco-positive farming methods that produce wholesome, organic rice, rice cakes, rice chips and risottos all while keeping that initial big intention front and centre. They are continuously improving and protecting the environment and their farmland for generations to come.

The Lundberg Brothers!

The Lundberg Brothers!

"When you come in, you feel it, you are reminded we got a vibrant business but it came from some really deep roots."

The natural rice field ecosystem attracts a high volume of nesting Mallard Ducks, resulting in hundreds of vulnerable duck eggs that, on most farms, fall victim to combines and other farm machinery. Each spring, before planting, Lundberg Family Farms recovers thousands of Mallard duck eggs from the fields. Volunteers from the District 10 Wild Duck Egg Salvage Program comb the cover crops in search of duck eggs that could otherwise be destroyed by equipment during spring work. The eggs are brought to a hatchery where they are incubated, cared for, banded and released back into the wild. Over the years, Lundberg Family Farms has helped to rescue almost 30,000 ducklings. Now that’s something to quack about!

Lundberg Family Farms Since 1937 is a registered trademark of Wehah Farm, Inc.

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