Welcome to Big T Transparency

What the ‘T’? (Transparency, that is!)

We call it “Big T Transparency” and it means taking the trust you place in us and giving it right back to you. Also known as keeping it (really!) real since 1973, we’re honoured to share our behind-the-scenes with the people who matter to us most. MegaFood is one of the only natural channel brands that controls its entire production process from farm to tablet. That means we not only work closely with our besties (a.k.a. our Farm Fresh Partners) in choosing top-notch whole foods that go into each of our supplements, but we own and operate our production facilities in New Hampshire, guaranteeing the highest level of quality control, safety and potency you’ve come to expect. And we share it all with you—our customers, retailers, partners and colleagues—with full access to our facility cams, new product pipelines, and manufacturing processes.

We Dare to (Gummy) Bare All!

Back in November 2016, we announced the launch of Project Gummy Bare All: a totally transparent, no-holds-barred look at how things are done when we set our minds to trying something new, like our first Gummy (predicted for spring 2018), using feedback and insight from you, our customers. Get The Latest Scoop on Gummy Bare All